Common Billing Questions


  • Your First Bill


Your first bill typically encompasses multiple months of service. Depending on the exact date that your service went online, you could also see prorated charges. Your billing will initiate your normal billing frequency with your second bill.
  • Bill Following a Contract/Service Change


Like your first bill, the bill following a contract change encompasses your next two months of service, with possible prorated charges. Your billing will resume its normal frequency with the following bill.
  • Bill Following a Due Date Change
When you change your due date, you also change your billing cycle date. This means that the bill following a due date change will contain a prorated amount to cover all of the days you have had service, and adjust you to the new cycle. Your bill amount will return to the typical amount in your following bill.
  • Your Final Bill
If you have canceled your service with us, your final bill will typically take you through the last day the bill cycle you were currently in when you requested your services be deactivated. This would have been discussed when you requested your services be canceled. If there are any charges beyond your current cycle they will be automatically removed in a following bill.


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