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Control Panel

Padlocks are the only type of lock that is typically not permanently attached to anything else. Padlocks come in a range of sizes, are free standing and portable, and are one of the most easily recognizable types of lock. Padlocks come in two main varieties: combination and keyed.


Siren Alarms

The siren makes a loud audible noise when your alarm is activated. Sirens with strobe lights and higher decibels are also available.


D/W Contact

This small contact is placed in the door/window frame of a pre-wired home or office.


Motion Sensor

A Motion Sensor detects an intruder moving inside, by body heat and movement. Great for open areas. Pet immune sensor available from 40- 80 lbs.


Cellular Back-up

A Cellular Back-up is used if there are no phone lines present, it allows your Control Panel to still communicate with the central station in the event of an alarm.



eypads come in many varieties, Alpha, Voice, and Touch screen to name a few. We can find one to fit your specific needs and budget.


Wireless Remote

These are small remotes that come in key chains or pendants. You can Arm in Stay and Away modes as well as disarm your alarm with the remote. it can also be used to sound the Alarm in the even of an emergency.


Glassbreak Sensor

Used with motion sensors in place of motion sensors, detects the sound of glassbreaking. Great for homes with animals, and businesses with large windows.


Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors that are linked to your alarm will trigger your alarm when smoke is present, and will send a signal to Brantley Security Systems Central Station.


Carbon M Sensor

Carbon Monoxide Sensors when linked to your alarm will trigger when there is Carbon Monoxide in the air. Once triggered Brantley Security SystemsCentral Station will be notified.

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