Structured Cabling


Multi-Zone Audio

Multi-Zone Audio is an audio system that allows for the distribution of music to multiple rooms. There are many ways to build these systems ranging from simple to sophisticated. You can listen to your iPod in every room, or have your playlist on in the Kitchen, while the kids have theirs playing by the pool.


Home Integration

Elegance, convenience and functionality combine to form a harmonious atmosphere for any home. Home automation offers endless value with many smart home technologies being combined into one easy to use system. Home automation can offer convenience, comfort, security and energy savings by integrating lighting, temperature, security, audio and video into one simple device.


Lighting Control

Lighting control is the single most elegant system you can add to your home. With the push of one button all of the lights throughout your home can be set to a comfortable level for an evening of relaxing at home. A lighting system offers that complete control of a large number of lights.


Structured Wiring

Lever handle locks are frequently used for inner doors in commercial settings. They are easier to open than knob locks as they have a large push down style handle rather than a knob that one must grasp and turn. Frequently when handicap accessibility is important lever locks are used.


Home Theater

Great home theater from Low Voltage Service starts with design.
Our design team will evaluate your needs, budget and desires and design a system that will maximize your home viewing experience. Control with the touch of a single button, and no clutter is what we strive for.


Doorbell Systems

Low Voltage Service provides system design, wiring, professional installation and service for your new or existing doorbell system or single-family intercom. Today’s system can be as simple as when a visitor presses the button, the intercom rings your telephone with a distinctive ring to alert you.

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