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Burglary Safe

A burglary safe is a free standing safe that is bolted to the floor. The safe is made of steel thick enough to withstand prolonged attacks from both unskilled and skilled criminals. Free standing safes are the most popular type of safe sold.


Fire Safes

A fire safe is a freestanding safe designed to protect the contents from fire for a rated amount of time. While there is no such thing as a true fireproof safe, there are two common fire safe types that provide substantial resistance to fire


Gun Safe

A gun safe is a freestanding fire and/or burglary safe with an area of the safe configured specifically to house weapons.


Lux Jewelry Safe

A luxury safe is a burglary safe with optional fire protection and extensive upgrades to vastly improve on convenience, appearance, and organization. These highly configurable safes include all the same features one would find in a high end jewelry chest


Estate Safe

Estate safes are a Brown Safe exclusive. These are luxury safes in large capacity sizes. They have a wide variety of optimized layouts for the organization of jewelry, weapons, files, etc.


Custom Safes

Just like the name implies, each custom safe is one of a kind, built to suit the exact requirements of its owner. Brown Safe is one of the few remaining custom safe builders in the world. There are very few limits to what we can build.


Depository Safe

Deposit safes are special purpose safes used mainly by businesses for high usage scenarios. They generally have multiple compartments that can be individually locked, allowing varying levels of access.


Vault Doors

Vault doors are large heavily secure doors for custom built vaults that are large enough to allow walk in access.

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